Actionable Knowledge

When a person is recognized as knowledgeable they are considered to be someone who has command of the facts or principles of certain subject matter. However, to be effective, knowledge must be able to be put to use or action; success is found in the application of knowledge which can alter performance and improve events.

Our approach to learning and training centers on how to develop the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes that allow learners to build Actionable Knowledge in order to become more effective and successful.

Instructional Systems Development


Kelric combines a solid instructional design approach with experienced software and systems engineering capabilities to produce complete learning solutions or just the instruction to run within your existing learning systems:

Learning analyses

Learning Objectives

Computer based instruction

Instructor Led Training

Mobile training and learning supports

Paper-based training and learning supports

Learning Management Systems

Electronic Classrooms

Job Aids

Learning evaluations




Kelric can bring vast experience and knowledge of education and training to your company, group, or project in any stage of development or capacity (review, assessment, augmentation, oversight, guidance). We can assist in making your instructional and training developments more effective:


Instructional analysis

Instructional development team analysis

Developmental process assistance

Supplemental development

Quality reviews



Creative Development


Competency with multiple developmental tools and endless creativity allows Kelric to bring your ideas to life and to the point:



Digital photography

Photograph manipulation


Video production

Electronic documents/ePublishing


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